Hillock Green Condo: Redefining Singapore’s Residential Landscape

Hillock Green Condo is a stunning new condominium development located in the heart of Singapore. It is situated in the upcoming Lentor Central district, which is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the city. Hillock Green is surrounded by lush greenery and offers easy access to all the amenities you need, making it the perfect place to call home.

Hillock Green Condo, Singapore

Here are some of the features that make Hillock Green Condo a truly luxurious place to live:

  • Spacious and well-designed units with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.
    Spacious unit in Hillock Green Condo, Singapore]
  • High-quality finishes and fixtures, such as marble countertops, granite flooring, and stainless steel appliances.
    High-quality finishes in Hillock Green Condo, Singapore
  • A wide range of amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, rooftop garden, clubhouse, children’s playground, barbecue area, and laundry room.
    Amenities in Hillock Green Condo, Singapore
  • Convenient location with easy access to transportation, shopping, and dining.
  • 24-hour security system with CCTV cameras.

Hillock Green Condo is also committed to sustainability, with features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting. The development is targeting a Green Mark GoldPLUS rating, which is the highest rating awarded by the Singapore Green Building Council.

Hillock Green Condo is a truly unique and special place to live. It is a place where you can relax and unwind, surrounded by lush greenery and all the amenities you need. It is also a place where you can be proud to call home.

If you are looking for a luxurious, sustainable, and well-located place to live in Singapore, then Hillock Green Condo is the perfect choice for you.

Here are some of the reasons why Hillock Green Condo is redefining Singapore’s residential landscape:

  • It is located in a rapidly developing area with excellent transportation links.
  • It offers a wide range of amenities that are not available in other condominiums.
  • It is committed to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important to homebuyers.
  • It is designed to be a vibrant and active community, with a variety of social events and activities.

Hillock Green Condo is a new benchmark for luxury condominium living in Singapore. It is a place where people can live, work, and play, all within a short distance of home.

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